Signature Reports gives you complete control over the comparable properties you choose to include when you produce a Comparable Market Analysis, Comparable Sales Report or Statement of Information.

Refinement options and details about each property helps you choose the best comparable properties to include in your report. This helps you tell your story, educate prospects or vendors, and stay compliant.

Refining your search

Use the ‘Refine your search’ filters to narrow down or expand the number of comparable properties returned.

By default, we set some basic refinement criteria. The property type is set to the same as the target property, the ‘Target suburb’ box is checked, ‘Sold within’ is set to 3 months and ‘Radius’ is set to 1km. Properties that meet this criteria are displayed.

You can expand or narrow your results by changing the filters to better suit your own criteria.

  • The ‘Property type’ filter allows you to choose which property types are returned.
  • The ‘Sold within’ filter will return properties sold within the specified timeframe. If an area returns a low number of sales, simply look back further in time to get more results.
  • The ‘Radius’ distance you specify will return recently sold properties within that set radius from the target property. In rural areas or areas with fewer sales, expand the radius to return more results.
  • When selected, the ‘Target suburb’ checkbox will restrict all results to properties in the same suburb as the target property. Simply uncheck this box to return results in neighbouring suburbs also.
  • The ‘Bed’, ‘Baths’ and ‘Parking’ filters allow you to be more specific about the property attributes of your results.
  • The land size and price filters allow you set a minimum and/or maximum figure. When the minimum and maximum fields are both left blank, properties will not be filtered by land size or price.

Once you have set the criteria you want, click the ‘Update Filters’ button to execute the search. Properties that match the criteria are displayed below.

Viewing and Selecting Comparable Properties

You can view the comparable property results in two ways – detailed view and list view.

Detailed view is the default view. Here, you can see images, the listing description and more property details. You also have the option to view the Property Detail page in RP Data Professional. You can scroll through the imagery using the inline gallery. Click on the image for a larger view.

For selected comparable properties, you can change the image used in your final report. Simply scroll through to your preferred image and click the ‘USE IN REPORT’ button.

List view is the more concise view, which only shows the key attributes and allows you to see more properties at a glance.

To switch between detailed view and list view, simply click on the individual property row you want to change the view for. To change properties at once, click the “Collapse All” or “Expand All” button.

Sorting Comparables

You can sort results by closest property, sale date, lowest sale price or highest sale price. The sort order you choose is also the sort order that will be used for your selected comparable properties in your final report.

Adding your own Comparables

You can also add your own specific comparable sale or listing to your report. To do this, start typing an address in the ‘Add comparable sale’ box and select the address you want to include.